Army Dog Center in Pakistan plays a crucial role in criminal investigations, detection, and the discovery of criminal activities. These highly trained dogs are skilled in various tasks such as tracking, search and rescue, and detecting drugs, explosives, and other illegal substances.

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If someone very dear to you has been a potential victim of a crime, the Army Dog Center Pakistan is the ideal option for you. Here, we have well-trained dogs to help determine whether your loved ones have been abducted.



If you have experienced the odour of a decaying corpse or have even seen a deceased body, reach out to the Army Dog Center Pakistan immediately. We specialize in training Rottweilers and other military canines to detect body parts and other items such as wallets and cell phones.



If robbers have broken into your home, you must immediately contact the Army Dog Center Pakistan. Our highly trained and experienced Army Dogs are the best at tracking down the perpetrators and attempting to retrieve any stolen items such as cash, jewellery, and more. Our Army Dogs are trained to detect thieves and will do everything they can to help you.

Why Army Dogs

We offer the most comprehensive and professional detection dog services at Army Dog Centre Pakistan. Our army dogs are procured, trained, and handled by experienced dog trainers with years of experience working with detection dogs in law enforcement and civilian settings. Our dogs are tested and trained to meet the highest national standards, and their detection skills are maintained daily to ensure the utmost proficiency. As a result, you can count on the best detection dogs with Army Dog Centre Pakistan.

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Our Services

Army Dog Center Okara, Pakistan, provides highly trained and professional dogs for various services, including kidnapping, murder, theft detection, and more. Our dogs are bred and trained to be the most reliable and effective security forces available, and our experienced staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality service. We work hard to ensure that our services meet the highest standards. Our dogs are trained using advanced techniques and methods, enabling them to detect and apprehend criminals quickly. We also provide additional services such as guard dog training, tracking and trailing, and obedience and agility training. Our years of experience and expertise ensure that our dogs give the best protection possible.






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Why Choose Army Dogs Center Pakistan?

You could have confidence in our dogs because they are not seen merely as “dogs” but as precious and respected assets and soldiers on four legs. These dogs are prepared for explicit jobs and have extraordinary capacities and an incredible feeling of smell to recognize bombs before they detonate. Their keen sense of smell and ability to detect even the slightest trace of evidence makes them invaluable assets to law enforcement agencies and military units. Their work is inestimable, and it’s nothing unexpected that these dogs are valuable assets. These dogs are prepared to smell decomposition to spot body parts, bones, blood, and tissues without much stretch.


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