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Army Dog Center

Army Dog Center in Pakistan Security & Investigation Services

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In a time of distortion, no one is safe around us. Horrifying disastrous crimes like robbery, murder, and kidnapping are common in society. Meanwhile, criminals are proven sticky fish to catch for the Police. Here Army Dog Center comes with ultimate solutions in Pakistan.

Army Dog for Quick Investigation                                      

To provide justice, a quick investigation is mandatory. So, knowing the accuracy of the event and evidence collection is a challenge. It is for implementational law institutes. Unfortunately, as time passes, the evidence fades off. Since, army dogs are the best and quick way to find a lost person or dead body or chase a running criminal.

Army Dog Center for Safety Measures

Dogs are more reliable because they are defensive and offensive creatures. And they can be easily trained for such security services. Nowadays, people buy CCTV cameras, bulletproof cars, and drones to spend life safely. Still, such means cannot prevent the calamity. Hence people need to take further security measures.

Army Dogs for Dual Security

Elsewhere, security cameras and drones cannot defend the victim. Neither cameras attack the suspect if uncertainty happens. Indeed, army dogs are smart enough to investigate. Besides, they are courageous to criminals. In some cases, its 6th sense helps the victim to prevent calamity before happening.

Army Dog Center for Well Training

For security reasons, people keeping dogs could be a choice. But untamed and untrained dogs could be a disaster in itself. They can bite the owners and cause kinds of trouble. Don’t worry; Army Dog Center is the best place to adopt housekeeping dogs. Or get security service when you have a threat.

Welcome to the Army Dog Center in Pakistan!

Our dedicated center is to train and use military working dogs for the nation’s security. We hire highly trained staff and state-of-the-art facilities. That enhances and endorses the efficient dog’s skill. Also, we support the precious species to live long and healthy to serve their country.

Smart Strategies of Experts

Military dog handlers use effective techniques despite the challenges of training a dog. Hence these strategies work 100 % and impact the psychology of Army Dogs. As a result, we get well-behaved and obedient companions for security or spying.

Authorized Services in Pakistan

Army Dog Center is an authorized and certified security service in Pakistan. In an obvious statistic, that spell of experience turns into magic. Our experts refined their skills over years of training. And they are working with some of the world’s most highly skilled dog trainers.

Army Dog’s Capabilities

Our dogs are for a variety of tasks in the military, including security. Performing their duties requires these dogs to undergo rigorous training. Thus, dogs are capable of detecting explosive material. Besides, army dogs track and apprehend the killer, kidnapper, or thief. As, our dogs are best for security provision at military installations.

In time Detection

Army Dog detects potential threats in a timely and accurate manner. That’s why we are the best Army Dog Center in Pakistan which play an important part in security measures. A well-trained security dog is essential in the military’s efforts. That helps to protect personnel, installations, and resources.

Physical & Mental Health

While training, we keep our eye on the physical and mental health of the dog. So we claim the distinction in the field of investigation. To maintain physical health Army Dog Center endorses the best care. For better training, we keep dogs in the appropriate atmosphere. And train for missions and investigate calamities.

In Sensitive Criterion

A murder investigation is a different and sensitive criterion. In such exceptional cases, we provide Specially trained scent dog services. These dogs can detect the presence of human remains or trace a suspect’s scent. Our dogs help to bring relevant results throughout the process of evidence collection.

Training Programs:


Security operations benefit from our dogs’ ability to detect various explosive materials.


Our dogs are to locate missing persons, alive or dead, in disaster zones and urban areas.


Our dogs perform various patrolling and crowd control tasks during security operations.


Army dog center training is inclined to get the best results in search operations. For instance, murderer or robber.


For better grooming, we keep all dogs housed in comfortable and spacious kennels.

Training Areas:

Army Dog Center provides appropriate training for particular missions. We simulate the environment accordingly.

Medical Care:

All dogs receive comprehensive medical care at a veterinary clinic. It is for the endorsement of health and well-being.

Adoption Program:

In our adoption program, older dogs are with families after retirement. Families can provide them with the care they need in their retirement years.

Retired Dog:

After retirement, those trained dogs are for providing home security. So, if people need a trained dog, we give our retired military working dogs in loving homes.

Final Words

A dedicated team of the Army Dog Center helps the victim of uncertainty. And provide the highest care and training to our military working dogs. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and how you can support our mission. Army Dogs Centers are working all across Pakistan. We operate from all the major cities of the country evenly. We are well-wishers of our readers. And we wish not to bear any unusual and uncertain situation in your life. But if you are a victim, we are at your door service. Contact us!

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