Army Dog Centre Balochistan

About Army Dog Center Balochistan

Worthy inhabitants of Baluchistan, The Army Dog Centre brings its services to different cities of
Baluchistan to reach out to you in case of emergency, murder, theft, kidnapping, or any other heinous
attempt that you may encounter. Our well-trained staff is at your service 24/7, reach out to us from
your relevant city by contacting on the given numbers


Army Dog Center Quetta

Army Dog Center Turbat

Army Dog Center Khuzdar

Army Dog Center Hub

Army Dog Center Sibi

Army Dog Center Shikarpur

Army Dog Center Khuzdar

Our Services

Army dog center has been serving for the last ten years. We provide numerous services to our citizens from every province and every city of Pakistan. Numerous Dog centers are offering their services to the country however Army Dog Center community is the most expert one. We have the best-prepared staff to tackle your concerns on a critical premise. So, Army Dog Center is the most ideal decision for you. Our Dog Center has an immense number of profoundly trained Dogs. Our high prepared Dogs have consistently helped individuals for the examinations in case of:





Drugs Smuggling


Explosive Detection

Bomb Disposal

Rescue & Patrol