Dogs are considered the most loyal and obedient creatures on the planet Earth. They are also known to have a very loving bond with humans; thus, are seen working side by side in different fields. Canines have incredibly sharp hearing and smelling sense, making them genius assets in detecting and preventing crime.

It is no wonder that, canines have made a special place in different areas of human life, including military, police, and law enforcement units. Together, with their handlers and rigorous training, they have made huge progress in crime detection.

The dog handlers at the Army Dog Centers of Pakistan are skilled and experienced individuals, proficient of training and developing the crime detecting capabilities in the dogs. The dogs are not only kept under recurrent strenuous training programs, but are trained in the high-risk environments to prepare them for the job required of them.

Before entering the field, dogs are tested multiple times to ensure they make out the best in the field. It is therefore, no marvel to call them anything but loyal and obedient assets who fight along with their human teams to carry out one of the most exquisite missions.

The canines provided by the Army Dog Centers of Pakistan throughout the country are proficient to locate bombs, explosives, narcotics, hidden contraband, and potential evidence. The evidence that is then used to apprehend suspects and get a hold of running criminals.

Army Dog Center Chakwal

The center is located in Chakwal, Punjab, Pakistan is functional 24/7. Like our canines, our staff is also well-trained and professionally-skilled to serve you!

We are confident of our dogs, and you can put trust in them too. As, they are both intelligent, sharp, and agile, when it comes to any task required of them. They now both how to detect crimes and how to protect any human fellow in emergency!