Army Dog Centre Pak

Army Dog Centre Multan is the name of duty, responsibility, trust, and security. The security comes from our highly-skilled dogs, trained and bred in professional settings to procure one of the most reliable security dogs ever.

Detection of illegal substances and criminal activity is not a mere task but requires great skills, professional training, agility, and dexterity in order to achieve the desired results, and dogs at the Army Dog Centre are nothing but perfection.

At Army Dog Centers, the dogs are not seen as just loyal pets, but as highly-skilled assets as they are trained to be one. The agility training is given by the most-experienced professionals themselves to train their young soldiers for explicit jobs.

Army Dog Centre Pakistan is providing their four-legged assets for different operations all over Pakistan. The main reason to inaugurate these fully-functional centers in different regions of Pakistan is to ensure safety, protection, and theft management all over the country.

Furthermore, your respective Army Dog Centre can timely reach the emergency location and secure it before further loss!

About Army Dog Centre Multan

Army Dog Centre Multan is located at 45, Mumtazabad Colony, Multan, Punjab, Pakistan. The Centre is open 24 hours, with professionally trained staff ready to respond the moment you reach out to them. The emergency contact numbers are functional 24/7.

Like all the Army Dog Centers in Pakistan, Army Dog Centre Multan has highly-trained dogs to manage the emergency situations with dexterity and agility. They are trained on a regular basis to ensure their agile response to the emergencies as well as to secure the area in no time.

When to Call Army Dog Centre?

Whenever you see a theft taking place, or you locate a dead body, body parts, human flesh/bones, or someone from your family has been kidnapped, feel free to reach out to your nearest Army Dog Centre and report the crime!