Army Dog Centre Pak

Army Dog Centre is a highly-functional organization set to serve you in emergency situations. It not only protects you from crimes like theft, and robbery, but also helps you out in critical emergencies such as murder and kidnapping.

Highly-trained dogs at Army Dog Centre are capable of detecting criminal activities, also offer other services such as the detection of illegal substances, and prove to be the best rescue dogs.

About Army Dog Centre Rawalpindi

Army Dog Centre Pakistan inaugurated fully-functional dog centers in different cities of Pakistan so that you can avail of the services as early as possible.

Army Dog Centre Pakistan Rawalpindi is located in Westridge, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Like all the other Army Dog Centers, Army Dog Centre Rawalpindi offers you 24/7 services.

Why Army Dog Centre Rawalpindi?

Army Dog Centre has one of the most reliable dogs, bred and trained solely for rescue dogs, henceforth, they are the most experienced and steadfast dogs to get you out of your emergency situations.

Dogs are known to have an innately strong sense of smell, and when bred and trained by professionals, this innate sense can be of great use in detecting illegal substances, tracking, and finding out clues for you that even humans can skip at times.

Professional Crime Detectors!

Dogs at Army Dog Centre Rawalpindi are trained by professionals, who have been in the field for years and have unmatchable expertise when it comes to the training of watchdogs, and crime-detective dogs.

What We Do!

Although there is a comprehensive answer to the question, what we do, we are highlighting the lethal ones;


If someone very close to you has become victim of this unfortunate incident, or you have smelled a deadly corpse during your morning walk in the park, feel free to reach out to us on our contact numbers.

Kidnapping and Theft

if your child or someone you know has been abducted, Army Dog Centre is at your service to not only track this criminal activity, but also bring your loved ones back to you!