Army Dog Centre Pak

Army Dog Center Sialkot Pakistan is a highly-functional organization with well-trained staff that are always ready to serve you in emergencies as well as detection of criminal activities around you. Not just the staff, the dogs at Army Dog Centre are also highly-trained to detect illegal substances, ammunition, explosives, etc.

Dogs at the Army Dog Centre are no less than the soldiers as they are trained as one, and they are our four-legged assets and our quite precious to us. Dogs have a good sense of smell, and we polish this innate trait of our four-legged assets to prepare them for explicit jobs like sniffing illegal substances, bomb recognition, ammunition detection, and for search purposes.

About Army Dog Center Sialkot

Army Dog Center Sialkot is located at Wazerabad, Sialkot, Pakistan. Our highly-trained dogs are capable of detecting criminal activities around you. These highly valuable assets are not just trained to sniff illegal substances or ammunition, but they can also sense body parts, blood, tissues, and bone; therefore, prove to be efficient assets in detecting criminal activity and finding evidence.

Tracking and trailing is another important service that our precious assets provide; our dogs can find your kidnapped loved ones, as well as prove to be the best watch dogs and search dogs.

Why Army Dog Center Sialkot?

At Army Dog Center, its not just the staff, who is experienced to provide the best 24/7 service, but our dogs also have years of experience in this blunt job, and this experience makes them good at what they do!

We are very confident and in fact proud of our young four-legged soldiers who have been doing excellent job in both civilian and law enforcement settings! 

As far as the training of our young detectives is concerned, they go through their agility training and sniffing training on daily basis to provide you the efficiency you want from our assets!