Dogs have proved to be loyal and trustworthy assets, for not only military units, but also for police, and law enforcement units, as well as other such organizations like customs. Dogs have some of the most inimitable innate instincts, their canine capabilities make them the best four-legged soldiers for these explicit jobs. Army Dog Centre Bahawalnagar has made its name in managing crimes and detecting criminal activities that surround us. It is an organization made solely with the purpose of neutralizing emergencies and therefore provides professionally trained; tracking and trailing dogs, narcotics sniffing dogs, explosives/ammunition detecting dogs, etc.

Why Choose Army Dogs?

At Army Dog Centers, dogs are not treated just as animals with sharp canine instincts but are trained to be the best on-ground soldiers. Behind these skilled dogs, are professionals who are experts in their job and are qualified personnel who know their job very well!

In order to nurture the dogs with different specialties and skills, the staff trains them in different disciplines, so that they can handle any emergency situation and neutralize the scene in no time.

The crimes keep evolving, and so should the law enforcement techniques in the relevant organizations. Therefore, the dogs are trained with advanced training techniques and methods to make them understand the nature of criminal activities.

Army Dog Centre Bahawalnagar

Army Dog Centre Bahawalnagar is located at Laari Adda, Bahawalnagar, Punjab, Pakistan. If you encounter, or see any criminal activity happening in the vicinity of Bahawalnagar, feel free to contact the given numbers.

Your protection and safety are our top priority, and for that, we have built fully-functional centers in different regions to timely respond to your emergencies and manage them before you encounter any major mishap. Our staff is available 24/7, always ready to serve you!