In the law enforcement world, dogs and humans are well-known partners. However, in Army, dogs are much more than that; their vigorous training and recurrent skill-building makes them an asset in crime protection units. Their keen sniffing instincts makes them invaluable assets to detect illegal substances such as explosives.

The dogs trained by The Army Dog Centers act as a deterrent by intimidating suspects, intercepting intruders, and catching fleeing criminals, that are otherwise hard to get a hand on. Furthermore, they are capable of conducting reconnaissance activities and tracking potential suspects.

These highly-trained dogs are capable of performing different tasks that require both agility and intelligence as well as experience. Their expertise helps them to work under high-stress environments, fighting anything and everything that comes in their way of bringing safety to their human companions.

Why Army Dog Centre?

Army dogs are like four-legged soldiers and it won’t be wrong to say that their training is nothing less than that of a war-prepared soldier. They receive extensive agility training in different fields such as; tracking, trailing, obedience, and suspect apprehension.

What is the role of Army Dog Centers in bringing peace in the society?

 Military tracking and trailing dogs must undergo rigorous agility training to make them work under the toughest situations to prepare them for the task required of them. And it is not possible without a professionally train staff; therefore, Army Dog Centre plays a vital role in producing the best search and rescue canines.

As such, it’s not striking that Army and Police Canines are considered as invaluable assets by their respective teams and fellow soldiers. 

Army Dog Centre Bhakkar

Army Dog Centre is located at Mianwali, Kalur kot, Bakay Link Rd, Abbasian Wala, Layyah, Punjab, Pakistan. Reach out to us on the given contact numbers to avail our services in any emergency you encounter in the vicinity.