On encountering emergency situations and increased criminal activities. Rescue missions often rely on the capabilities of the highly trained individuals. Individuals who can navigate through high-stress, dangerous, and complex environments to ensure safety of those in need.

These highly-organized missions required highly-functional assets; and humans are not the only ones to conduct these tasks. Dogs have proved to be the best fellow soldiers’ humans can have, working side by side in dire times.

There is plethora of emergency situations, where the agility and intelligence of a skilled and well-trained dog comes in handy. Be it detection of explosives/narcotics, illegal import export, or finding clues to get hands on dangerous criminals, dogs are more than just rescue animals.

It is not unlikely to fall in hands of street robbers on busy roads, or encounter theft or kidnapping in this modern era, where crimes have become more advanced than ever. To get over these crimes and criminals, dogs have proved to be the biggest ally of military, police, and law enforcement units.

Army Dog Centres functional throughout Pakistan produces one of the best military-trained dogs to take care of all and any emergencies you encounter. These dogs go through strenuous and rigorous training programs to build them for the job required of them.

Army Dog Centre Faisalabad

Army Dog Centre located at Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan is open 24/7 to reach out to you. Our contact numbers are reachable 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Feel free to reach out on the given contact details to report any emergency you or your loved one’s encounter.

Your security and safety are of prime importance to us. We make sure to be accessible to everyone who reaches out. Our four-legged soldiers will bring back you, your kidnapped dear ones’ and find evidence for the murder you’ve been tracking. Let’s join our hands in making our society peaceful, safe, and secure!