Locating criminal activities, detecting illegal activities, and criminal investigations are tasks of great importance. Thus, require well-trained, skilled, intelligent, and agile assets to take care of these criminal activities in any locale. Dogs are one of the well-trained and skilled assets, who make up most of the teams assigned with such crucial missions.  

The dogs who become the assets for the military, police, and law enforcement units undergo rigorous, extensive, and strenuous training programs. These training programs are conducted by professional dog trainers with years of experience.

Before entering the field, they are trained to work in high-stress environments, which makes them ready for critical situations on field. Dogs are trained in different disciplines, keeping in mind the areas and jobs required of them.

Sniffer dogs are used to detect explosives, bombs, narcotics, and illegal substances. They also come in handy when dealing with vermin and contraband. Forensic dogs or Cadavers; however, are trained to detect dead and live human bodies by just the presence of blood, flesh, tissues, bones, etc.

The Vision Of Pakistan Army Dog Centers

The dogs at the Army Dog Centers are none less than the four-legged soldiers, always ready to enter the field. The recurrent training and experience ensure the proficiency to give the best results only.

Our mission, is to ensure safe and secure community by serving you with the best watch, search and rescue dogs. Yours and your family’s safety is our prime priority, and we keep that in mind when training our assets.

Army Dog Centre Gujranwala

The Centre is located at Sheranwala Bagh, Hafizabad Rd, Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan. Our staff is available 24/7, feel free to report your emergency.

Do NOT hesitate in reporting the human bone, flesh, or body part, you see somewhere. In case of kidnappings, robberies, and theft, reach out to your nearest Army Dog Centre.