Canines are playing crucial role in criminal investigations, crime detection, and protection units. Law enforcement units have now made canines, a vital part of their investigation teams and units. These highly skilled dogs have become a major resource for crime detection and protection on different levels.

Dogs at the Army Dog Centers are paired with experienced and well-trained handlers, who work with these dogs to develop the best capabilities. Together, the dogs and the handlers undergo strenuous and vigorous training to hone their skills.

These professional trained dogs are then used in locating evidence at crime scenes, tracking missing persons, and apprehending running suspects. Furthermore, our Army dogs are trained in specialized areas such as bomb detections, locating dead and live bodies, search and rescue protocols.

Army dogs are no less than four-legged soldiers. They are capable of working along with their teams to deal high-risk situations and can enter high-stress environments without even thinking twice.

Why Army Dogs?

Army dogs are now accomplishing much more than what their fellow human investigators can. Their strong smelling and sniffing sense, incredibly sharp hearing sense, makes them the elite assets to uncover important aspects in the investigations.

In addition to that, the Army canines trained via the Army dog Centre Pakistan are capable of locating hidden contraband. Criminals have learnt to conceal this hidden contraband in the most unexpected places, and without the canines it is almost difficult to access. Therefore, Army K9s help with detecting illegal import export.

Army Dog Centre Gujrat

The Centre is located at Muslim Abad Rd, Muslimabad, Gujrat, Punjab, Pakistan. The staff is available 24/7 to help you out in any emergency you are facing in the vicinity of Gujrat city.

You can avail our services in any case of emergency including; kidnapping, theft detection, murder, robbery and more!