Dogs have been a part of one of the most detailed, comprehensive, and dangerous missions ever conducted. They honor their comradeship with their human fellows and thus, fought the hardest battles.

The idea of training dogs is a genius in itself, as by sharpening the instincts of dogs, they become by far the best assets both agile and obedient. Their obedience and loyalty towards their team and duty has never been compromised.

Pakistan Army; therefore, stepped forward to train their dogs to not only fight with the human fellows on the front lines, but also to control various criminal activities. Henceforth, Army dogs have been a part of criminal detections, investigations, and locating illegal arms and substances.

Dogs trained at the Army Centers are one of a kind, and their intelligence, agility, and rigorous training prepares them for the job required of them. With sharp sniffing nature, the sniffer dogs can detect almost anything.

Sniffer dogs are; therefore, used for detection of explosives, illegal import and export, drugs and narcotics, and locating live and dead human bodies.

Pakistan Army inaugurated different Army Dog Centers in its five provinces to get a hold on the crimes, and build a safer, crime-free society.

What Can You Expect Of Us!

Our dogs are professionally-trained and can thus, fight with any emergency even in the toughest environments. If you have encountered; theft, robbery, kidnapping, or are looking for a murder suspect, feel free to contact us your respective regional contact numbers.

Our cadavers are efficient in finding murder evidence, and we can get a hold of the suspect before he/she gets away with it.

Army Dog Centre Jauharabad

The Centre is located at 77GR+WFX, Street no. 4, Naseem Colony, Jauharabad, Khushab, Punjab, Pakistan.

We prioritize your safety and well-being before everything. Let’s join hands to make our home, a safe, and secure place to live!