Army Dog Centre Pak

Army dogs have extra-ordinary tracking and trailing skills, which make them invaluable assets to the Army units as well as the law enforcement agencies. Army Dog Centers are the highly-functional dig breeding and training units that produce one of the best dogs for the most explicit jobs, which require both tough training and experience.

We are surrounded by a world full of criminal activities happening here and there, theft, robberies, and kidnappings taking place, and murders being attempted with each new sunrise. We may not be able to sweep these criminal organizations or stop these unfortunate events, but we surely can protect ourselves and our loved ones by reporting it to the right people and on the right time!

Army Dog Centers are opened all over Pakistan; working 24/7 to not only give you a secured environment, but to take you out of these emergency situations.

Why Army Dog Centers?

Army Dog Centers have a trained set of soldiers, the four-legged comrades, which are no less than the assets fighting in the frontlines. They are trained by the highly-experienced staff to respond to different emergencies.

From tracking and trailing, to finding illegal substances, to procuring evidence for murder; these four- legged militias are trained for the worst. Their agility, strength, and field-related knowledge and experience makes them one of a kind.

Our dogs are trained to sniff drugs, ammunition, and bombs. They can also smell human flesh, blood, tissues, and find human bones without much effort. Tracking and trailing are another top-notch quality that our dogs possess; hence, there is nothing they cannot deal with!

Army Dog Centre Jhelum

Army Dog Centre Jhelum is located at Main Grand Trunk Rd, near NBP, Jada, Jhelum, Punjab, Pakistan. The Centre is open 24 by 7. Feel free to reach out to us on the given numbers!

Peace, Happiness, and Your Security is our Top Priority!