Army Dog Centre has a crucial role when it comes to detection, investigation, and dealing with criminal activities and criminal approaches in your surroundings. The well-bred and well-trained dogs at the Army Dog Centers are the true assets when it comes to dealing with the increasing gangsterism and other such unlawful activities.

Major criminal activities including; illegal substance detection, tracking of smuggled drugs, bomb disposals, kidnappings, murder, and detection of explosives; requires the expertise of skilled and experienced professionals. And dogs, at the Army Dog Centre, have all the mentioned qualities, years of experience on the field, as well as regular training sessions in order to make them the best soldiers.

Our dogs are no less than soldiers, they are capable of hammering away all the given tasks with examples of perseverance and persistence, as they do not take NO for the answer!

The Boys are Trained Tough!

The Assets of the Army Dog Centers are trained tough, as they are made for the explicit jobs!

From detecting bombs before detonation, to finding the evidence of murder from sniffing any part of the body, to tracking and tracing theft, robberies, and kidnappings, there is nothing that our soldiers can’t do.

Army Dog Centre Muzaffargarh

Army Dog Centre Muzaffargarh is located at D G Khan Rd, Muzaffargarh, Punjab, Pakistan. It is one of the Army Dog Centers inaugurated in different cities of Punjab. The purpose is to offer timely services, as your protection is our top priority. Having that said, the Centre is open 24/7, feel free to contact at the given numbers, and we’ll have our soldiers at the location in no time!

Report Us, Right Away!

Opening our centers are different locations has the sole purpose of serving the community in emergencies and to make it a safe place to love. Therefore, report any criminal activity you see around yourself, right away!