Not every man can become a soldier, likewise, not every dog can become an Army Dog! Army dogs are no simple dogs but the canines with best capabilities, sharp senses, and fast reflexes get to become the team of assets. Which then work side by side with their human buddies to detect, manage, and neutralize different emergencies and criminal activities. The dogs at the Army Dog Centre Rajanpur are not prepare for just one task. They are train under different disciplines to work on all and any emergency situations they encounter.

Let’s take Cadaver Canines for example, they are prepare to investigate, detect, and find evidence in case of murders. They can locate murders by detecting human flesh, bones, even blood and can help the law enforcement units in finding evidence against the murder.

This multi-disciplinary training approach makes the dogs capable to manage any kind of emergency you are in. The Army Dog Centre Rajanpur Pakistan makes sure that your safety and protection is a top priority when training their assets as well as when dealing with your emergency.

Army Dog Centre Rajanpur

Army Dog Centre Rajanpur is located at Railway Station Road, Rajanpur, Punjab, Pakistan. The Centre is open 24/7, feel free to reach out to us on the given contact numbers. Our staff is ready to serve you anytime to call us to report your emergency.

Army Dog Centre Pakistan envisions to establish a protected, safe, and peaceful surroundings. Therefore, it is finding all the possible ways to make that happen, but we do need your help in this regard. We may come to your rescue at any time, but we might not know any criminal activity happening around you, if you don’t reach out to us. So, if you, your loved ones, your neighbors, or any random person you see on the street needs help, let us know!