Army Dog Centre Pak

Dogs have been serving the military, law enforcement units, and the public side by side with humans. They are not only loyal companions, but their sniffing, trailing, and tracking capabilities make them the best soldiers in the field. Army Dog Centre Sadiqabad have been working functionally throughout Pakistan and serving public in almost all the criminal activity management and other emergencies such as robbery, murder, kidnapping, theft, detection of illegal substances, etc.

Why Army Dog Centre?

Army produces one of the best soldiers, the agility training given by the experienced professionals is no doubt unmatchable. The same goes for the dogs at the Army Dog Centers, the dogs are trained as soldiers undergoing tough and exertion training to produce, what we call our four-legged assets.

Our four-legged assets are not just dogs, they have strength of a soldier, agility and speed of missile, and the sniffing power like no other. The strenuous training makes them war-prepared; therefore, they make the best watch dogs, guard dogs, and have expertise to detect criminal activities.

Army Dog Centre Sadiq Abad

Army Dog Centre Sadiq Abad is another fully functional Army Dog Centre located in Sadiq Abad. It is open 24/7, has a fully trained staff to respond to your calls. Feel free to report kidnappings, murder, robbery, theft, or any other emergency that you or your loved ones encountered in the vicinity of Sadiq Abad.

Army Dogs don’t are not only expert in tracking and trailing, but are professionals when it comes to finding evidence. Henceforth, if you come across human flesh, bone, or any other body part at the bank of a river, or under the random bench of the park you visit every morning, make sure you report it to the nearest Army Dog Centre. We’ll not only respond you, but will make sure to give justice to whoever suffered!