Dogs and their exceptional sniffing skills have made them an invaluable asset in crime protection and law enforcement units. Military dogs have aced huge missions along with their human companions and controlled great many emergency situations.

A well-trained dog capable of apprehending criminals, locating explosives, detecting illegal substances, is nothing less than an invaluable asset. Henceforth, the dogs trained at the Army Dog Centers are soldiers ready to cope any emergency situation.

Sniffing is not just an instinct of dogs, when trained to use this trait in the right way, it becomes the biggest tool in cracking different crimes. Sniffer dogs are not only used in contraband to track illegal import exports, but makes dogs what we call forensic dogs.

Forensic or cadaver dogs are capable of finding live and dead human bodies. With their sharp sniffing sense, dogs are capable of finding human flesh, blood, bones, and even tissues. Cadaver dogs are a big help when finding murder victims, weapons, and potential evidence to solve murders.

Army Dog Centre Sargodha

Army Dog Centre Sargodha is located at Satellite Town, Sargodha, Punjab, Pakistan. It is open 24/7 with fully-trained staff to help you out, when you reach out to us on the given contact numbers.

Army Dog Centres of Pakistan are well-organized and disciplined institutions. It is producing well-bred and well-trained dogs to help bring peace and security in the society. Army dogs are trained to maintain the safety of community and surroundings making it a safer place to live.

Why Army Dog Centre?

Crime protection and control is a crucial aspect to ensure public safety. Law enforcement units are using different techniques to maintain law and order, still we need assistance of organizations of well-disciplined institutions like the Army Dog Centers. Centers, which provide highly-professional staff, quick accessibility, and well-trained dogs to resolve any emergency you encounter.

We at The Army Dog Centre provide you safety, security, and protection to bring peace in the society!