Dogs have successfully become the long-term companions of humans in detecting and deterring criminal activities on various levels. They are working side-by-side with their human partners to work in different fields such as; detecting narcotics and illegal substances, sniffing dead and live human parts and bodies, explosives, and import/export of illegal substances.

All of these functions and fields make them powerful assets and hence, deemed as soldiers and trained as one. The training procedures of these four-legged soldiers is nothing less than that of the militant trained for war zone.

Only experts and professionals are recruited in The Army Dog centres, so that the skills of the four-legged assets are not compromised. The recurrent and vigorous training practices makes them vigilant and ready to encounter any criminal activity on field.

Terrorism and theft threats grow day by day, and so are the Army Dogs becoming immensely important to secure; safety and protection of the public. This brings up the importance of the availability of these dogs in all regions.

The Army Dog Centre Pakistan has therefore, inaugurated dog centers in all the provinces of Pakistan to ensure quick accessibility of the dogs, as your safety is our prime priority.

Army Dog Centre Taunsa

Army Dog Centre located at Taunsa, Punjab, Pakistan is open 24/7 with fully-functional Centre, and accessible staff. Reach out to us on the given contact numbers to report any criminal activity you or your dear-ones have encountered.

Our Services

Dogs are gift with extraordinary sniffing instincts, and by polishing these instincts we make them the best search and rescue dogs. There are a lot of aspects that only our four-legged soldiers can cover as they are portable and mobile. Moreover, they can cover large aspects in relatively less time when it comes to contraband, finding murder evidence, detecting illegal substances, and finding narcotics and explosives!