Army Dog Centre Lahore Pakistan offers one of the best professionally-trained search dogs to facilitate you in tracking theft, kidnapping, and any other criminal activity you or your loved ones encountered. Pakistan Army Dog Centre is a fully-functional organization with well-trained staff and skilled dogs that are available for you 24/7.

Army Dog Centre trains its dogs like soldiers and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that every dog is in fact, a well-trained and highly-skilled asset. Yes, the dogs are trained like assets and are put into critical training to train them to be the most reliable and efficient security forces.

Professionals with years of experience in training these soldiers are hired to train the dogs at the Army Dog Centre. Rigorous training sessions; not only build extraordinary capabilities in the dogs but also help them sharpen their innate traits (e.g. smelling), to make them the best!

Army Dog Centre Lahore

In order to provide you with the fastest service, Army Dog Centre has inaugurated different fully-functional dog centers in different cities of Pakistan. You are our first priority, and we want to take you out of your emergency ASAP, for that emergency contact numbers are given for each city of your region. We are just a call away!

Army Dog Centre Lahore is located at Lahore Bypass, Lahore, Pakistan. Feel free to reach out to us on the given contact numbers.

Why Army Dog Centre?

Army Dog Centre Pakistan is what it promises it is!

Our skilled dogs are proficient of handling worse emergency situations. They are by far the best tracking, trailing, and search dogs, with capabilities of tracking down any criminal activity you report. From detecting bombs and illegal substances to finding murder evidence, they are capable and experienced of doing it all!